Friday, March 24, 2017

Five for Friday- March 24th

I apologize in advance for all the exclamation points, but I cannot contain my excitement!
I am going to start with this really cool marquee light that I found at Hobby Lobby! I was looking for a cute desk lamp and I found something even better!
Please excuse all the dust!! It's everywhere!
It finally came!!! My Iris Photo Storage Case came in!!! I have been obsessed with these boxes since I saw them on Instagram! They are a perfect way to organize task cards. My next purchase will be the Multi-Colored Pack! Oh and BTW they are on sale at Michael's for $16!!!!! Grab them while you can I promise they won't disappoint!
Another recent discovery was Kahoot! It's one of those things that I knew existed, but never really got to use until now! Our school was blessed with iPads in every classroom this year! My kids really enjoy playing Kahoot! in groups and I love how easy it is to play. I even started making a few games to fit my classroom's needs.
We are learning about changes in habitats(deforestation, pollution, forest fires, natural disasters, etc) and my kids have shown a great interest in this subject. They have really out done themselves with some of the illustrations they came up with. I can't wait to start our Recycling Unit so we can make Recycled Robots!
Dancing with the Stars is back!! Any other DWTS fans out there??
My dogs are DWTS fans as well!! I've never seen a dog so interested in TV. 
She will literally stop in the middle of playing and start watching TV even with Sophie trying to distract her! My Luna is one of a kind!
Well that's it for this Friday! I'm off to Atlanta to see Eddie B Comedy if you haven't already you seriously need to look up his teacher videos! 


  1. Kahoot is AWESOME! We e been using it for awhile and my students are now creating their own.

    1. I never thought of letting my student make their own! I'll have to try that out!

  2. I picked up a rainbow Iris case a few months ago and still haven't used it! I can't wait for summer so I can put it together!

    I can't believe you're going to go see Eddie B Comedy. His videos are hilarious!! Have a great time!

    1. I'm in love with my photo box! I can't wait to purchase a rainbow case!
      He was even funnier in person than he was in his videos!