Friday, March 17, 2017

Five for Friday - March 17th

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
While everywhere else was getting snow we were getting freezing rainy days. So while others were having snow days we were still at school!
Cold Weather= Indoor Recess
We have been stuck inside for the past few days and what a great time to watch movies! Thanks to Target for their $5 movies!!! I found a lot of old favorites!
We had our field trip this past Wednesday and it was great!! Besides the cold weather I think the students had a great time! We went to the Georgia Museum of Agriculture & Historic Village otherwise known as the Agrirama. The students got to tour a 19th century town and participate in some of their chores. My favorite was the Grist Mill where the students got to make grits using a water wheel mill and the schoolhouse where we learned how good we have it in our school in 2017.

Last weekend we took a trip to my husband's alma mater, The University of Georgia home of the Georgia Bulldogs! We went to Athens to watch the Gym Dawg's gymnastic meet against Utah! The Dawgs dominated in their last home meet! If any of you followed the Rio Olympics than you may have heard of Mykayla Skinner (one of the USA Gymnastic's Team Alternates). Gymnastics is probably the only sport I follow in the Olympics so I was a total fan girl when I heard she was competing.

I almost forgot today was St. Patrick's Day! It would have made a big mistake not to wear green today around my 3rd graders who would probably love to pinch their teacher! I usually look to Super Teacher Worksheets to find my holiday worksheets! They have some freebies, but most of their worksheets require a subscription which is totally worth it!


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