Friday, September 9, 2016

Five for Friday - September 9

It's another Five for Friday with Doodle Bug's Teaching and we have been super busy here in third grade!!

Thanks to Hurricane Hermine we had an extra long Labor Day weekend! You won't find any complaints from this teacher!
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Due to the 4 day weekend, my husband and I decided to head over to our state capital and do some sight seeing! We went to Stone Mountain Park and the Georgia Aquarium! This is the view from the top of Stone Mountain and before the hike down! A mile hike never felt so long!! I think we'll take the Sky Ride down the mountain next time we visit!

.We are working on adding with regrouping here in 3rd Grade and I found some really great resources on Christina Bainbridge's TPT store. I also found an Adding with Regrouping chart that I love, but it only goes up to the tens place. So I decided to make my own that went all the way to the hundreds place! Check it out here for a freebie! I plan on laminating these so my students can re-use them using dry erase markers!

I really had an organization issue last year and one of my biggest problems was how to keep up with missing and unfinished work! So here I give you my solution! I used to keep a file folder for work a student missed or didn't finished, but often they forgot and so did I! This year I decided to use a pocket chart with a pocket for every day of the week for absent work. I also have a folder on the board for unfinished work. When we need to transition to the next subject, they put their work in their class folder so we can move on! It is their responsibility to check the folder when they have free time.

It's Friday and here at our school that means t-shirt day!!! Check out our new shirt for the year!! Showing our Purple Hurricane pride!!

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog! I can't wait to read some of your posts!


  1. I like your idea of how to keep unfinished work organized and all in one place!

    Confessions of a Modern Day Substitute Teacher

    1. Thanks! It took a few tries to get it organized, but now I wouldn't do it any other way!

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