Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Currently in May

I have mixed emotions, because this is my first Currently and it's Oh Boy It's Farley's last! I'm so excited to be linking up, but I'm sad that there won't be anymore! Well here it goes! 


listening - We are preparing for our Science SLO's next week , but my students are tired of reviewing. My team and I have pulled together all of the videos we have used this year to review! The Magic School Bus is my favorite and In the Arctic is a great review on heat!

loving - If you know me, then you know I'm a book worm and I love books of any kind!I started with only a box of books, but now I have a whole shelf! I have gotten them from thrift stores, book fairs, amazon, and asked friends for their old books!

thinking - I'm getting married this summer and I couldn't be more excited, but with that comes stress! I am constantly thinking about wedding plans and what I could change to make it better!

wanting - The end of the year is close and you know what that means, classroom cleaning! It's times like these that I wish I had a fairy godmother who could pack up my classroom for me!

needing - When I was student teaching my master teacher, thought that chocolate was the solution for everything and boy was she right! I keep a secret stash for stressful situations( refer back to thinking lol)!

truth - Although I am super excited about summer break, I really will miss my students this Summer! I am a new teacher so this is my very first class! Someone commented to me that they thought my class was more like a family than a class and I believe her! I am so excited to see the great things they will do in the future! They say you never forget your first class!

Thanks Oh Boy It's Farley's for my first and last Currently!! Feel free to leave your comments!!

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  1. I agree! I will miss my class as well. I want the days to go slow and fast! good luck with the wedding planning!!!