Thursday, April 14, 2016

A square can be a rectangle, but a rectangle can't be a square?

Our latest unit has been our Geometry unit and I don't know about anyone else but geometry seems the hardest for my students to master. A square can be a rectangle, but a rectangle can't be a square. A square can also be a rhombus and a parallelogram. Confusing right?
I've really racked my brain trying to find ways to teach this unit without confusing myself or my students. We started by making a a word splash on the Smart Board of all the 2-D shapes we knew and their characteristics. We then created our own quadrilateral hierarchy using Blair Turner's interactive notebook. You can purchase a copy  at her TPT store. This really helped students visualize the connections between the shapes.

We also made quadrilateral robots. I gave the students each a Quadrilateral Cheat Sheet (click for a freebie) to use as patterns for their robot. I gave out construction paper and using only quadrilaterals the students had to create a robot. We went around sharing our robots and naming the types of quadrilaterals that we used. Here are some of their creations!

You can also see my twinkle lights left up from Christmas! I couldn't bear taking them down, I love all things sparkly!

So far my students have loved the activities we have done in our geometry unit, but I'm always on the lookout for new ideas.

Please feel free to share your ideas or tricks for teaching geometry! I'd love to read you're comments!


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