Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: December Edition

We are on Christmas break here and I couldn't be more excited! October-January is my most favorite time of year!
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But like a lot of other teachers I still have a mound of papers to grade over the break!
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In other news, we have just started our fossil unit and to start us off we pretended to be Paleontologists! Besides finding it difficult to say the word Paleontologist my students loved this activity. They were each given a rock(cookie) and a digging tool (toothpick) and they had to dig out the fossils (chocolate chips) without breaking them. I found this great activity along with a printable worksheet from The Blessed Teacher.
 After Christmas break, we will begin with the different types of 
fossils and make models of them. Pictures to come!
Every year our school decorates the halls for the Pre-K to come visit. This year our hall decided to make our doors in to gingerbread houses! Here's my attempt at a gingerbread house!

Shout out to awesome parents that make homemade cupcakes for our Christmas party! Aren't these cute?!
Thanks Forever in Fifth for hosting another Show and Tell Tuesday!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday - Nov. 15th

It's time for another Show and Tell Tuesday with Forever in 5th Grade. Haven't said that in a while! The first few months of school have been crazy ones and my blogging got put on the back burner, but I am excited to say I am trying to get on a blogging schedule so I won't be gone so long again.
Our city's Arts Council puts on the Harmony Jubilee every year to raise money for art programs in our schools. The main attraction at this even are hot air balloon rides which made a visit to each school on Friday morning!

High school football is like a religion down here in South Georgia. Our team is ranked number #1 in our region and Friday night started the first round of playoffs! Fingers crossed we make it to the Georgia Dome for the second year in a row!  

How many of you are The Bachelor fans like me? Well get ready for this Lauren B. has started a blog of her own, Sparkle In Her Eye! It's all about beauty, fashion, and her life with Ben Higgins!

I got my very first Lilly Pulitzer planner over the summer and I am not disappointed!! My birthday month has my favorite animals, Elephants!!!

Thanks for joining me for Show and Tell! I can't wait to check back later and read everyone's posts!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Five for Friday - Nov.11th

In my very first post I talked about technology in the classroom and Splash Math was one of my favorite resources! This is a view of the student dashboard! From the teacher dashboard you can create assignments that fit the need of your students and they appear in orange at the top! It also has an option to review skills that students have already mastered. Math facts and games are a some other great features. The best part is that you can try it out for FREE!!!

My kids love it and it works well with whole group, small groups, and even individual instruction!

She even took her hair out of a ponytail to match mine!!
We've been graphing it up down here on 3rd grade hall and my students are loving it! I found some really awesome resources at Teacher's Clubhouse!

Here are some of my student's graphs!!
The weather is starting to get chilly here in  South Georgia, but before it did we took my nephews fishing! 
We had to make a stick into a fishing pole for the little one, but Sophie tried to eat it!
 My fur babies, Sophie and Luna enjoyed themselves as well! This is the before and after picture!

Today is Veterans Day so let's all make sure we take time to thank our veterans for their service to our great country!
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Thanks for stopping by be sure to check out the new features I've added to my blog!!
Happy Friday!!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Linky Mashup

Well I was preparing for my first Blog Hoppin' Teacher Week to only find that there wasn't one for this week! :/
So I would like to do a little mashup linky with  with my all time favorite Doodlebug's Teaching Five for Friday

Now that I think about it that would be a great idea for some linky parties to do a mashup every now and then! Let me know what you think or if it's already been done before!

I teach 3rd grade at a small school in South Georgia where we are known for football! Go Canes!! I love all things Harry Potter and Disney!! I visited Universal Studios for the first time last year and fell in love with The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I hope to visit Disney World for Spring Break! I am a math and science teacher, but I love to read! I carry a book with me wherever I go! My favorite animals are sea turtles and elephants and you will probably see a lot of blog posts including something about them!My husband and I are huge Georgia Bulldog fans and we make our way to Athens every year to cheer them on! 

One of my favorite lessons was actually a lesson I taught last year! It was during our Pollution/Conservation unit and my students made Recycled Robots! My students really got into this unit and they all wanted to learn ways to protect our plants and animals from pollution. I had students that would go home to do research on their own and come back to school the next day to tell me what they found on pollution. I can't wait to start this unit with this year's class!

I was really excited about how my classroom turned out this year! All the changes I made over the summer really proved to be effective for my classroom management plan! I've never done an overall theme like Under the Sea, Owls, or a Jungle theme. I've always chosen bright colors or patterns that catch my eye!
Did anyone know that you can bring dogs into Hobby Lobby? I may have been the last to know, but as long as they fit in the buggy they can come in with you! Soooo of course I had to bring my puppy shopping with me! How cute is this?! 
I almost forgot to introduce everyone to my new fur baby. If you've read my blog before then you've seen me talk about my Golden Retriever Sophie, but here is the new addition! Meet our Australian Shepherd Luna!

She loves to lay under the coffee table and watch TV!

We are working on our Fraction Unit here in third grade and we are deep in fraction bars and equivalent fractions. We have done some of my favorite Interactive Notebooks so far this year. I grabbed these from Create Teach Share TPT.

Well there you have it! Five things for five days!! I hope you've enjoyed reading my linky mashup!!